I feel it’s probably a good idea for me to make some introductions. Hopefully this is going to be one of the more boring posts of this blog, so I’ll try and keep it short!

I’m a 20-something biologist living in the north of England. My degree was in biochemistry, and I now work for a health economics startup as a coder and a scientist. I’m a self-taught programmer, starting off in C/C++ and then moving on to python, which is my main language right now.

For a long time I’ve always had lots of different projects running in my own time. I like to explore different fields and technologies and I’m very much of the “learn by doing” camp. In the past I’ve just shared these projects with friends, and recently I decided to try and reach more people. When I was learning myself it was often people’s blogs that gave me the knowledge and the inspiration to come up with my own things.

I’m multilingual, and a lot of my projects will revolve around language. The working language of this blog however will always be English. I do however speak, in order of fluency: English, German, Norwegian, French and Russian. My French and Russian are pretty bad though! I’m also learning Mandarin, but I don’t feel confident enough in my abilities to list it with my other languages.

I’m going to be updating this blog every Friday with projects that use interesting technologies and software. I prefer projects that are both challenging and that have the potential for further real world applications. I’m going to be explaining my working as I go along so others can follow, and also publishing code and resources as I continue.

What I’m hoping to gain from this blog is an exchange of ideas with other people. If you ever have any ideas or questions feel very free to comment!

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